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  • Implementation:   cloud environment hosted by the   vendor

WithSecure Cloud Protection for Office 365 | for Salesforce Users | order without limits

WithSecure Cloud Protection for Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based solution for detecting, protecting and responding to security threats in Microsoft Office 365.

  • File and URL protection - Every time an end user receives or creates a Microsoft Outlook item such as an email, meeting, task, contact or note in his mailbox, all attachments and URLs are analyzed for malicious content such as malware, Trojans, ransomware, or phishing.
  • Multi-layer security - WithSecure Cloud Protection for Microsoft Office 365 uses WithSecure Security Cloud, which combines antivirus, machine learning-based heuristic analysis and a real-time database of threat information. WithSecure Security Cloud finds instantly emerging and invisible malware variants, and detects a wider range of malicious features, behavior patterns, and trends.
  • Advanced Threat Detection - Runs suspicious files in an isolated virtual environment that mimics a normal computer. The process checks its behavior for any malicious activity. It then returns a verdict as to whether the file is clean or malicious. Clean files can run normally while malicious files are blocked.
  • Advanced security analytics provides full insight into the analyzed content and provides quick and efficient response capabilities.
  • Hassle-free administration - Product administrators can configure settings, alerts, user notifications and actions according to their company's security policy.
  • Seamless integration - WithSecure Cloud Protection for Microsoft Office 365 supports cloud-to-cloud integration without the need to install additional software or make changes on the server or client side. Protection is completely platform independent and capable of detecting threats regardless of the device or application used by the end user.
  • Reporting - The ability to generate scheduled reports to provide a comprehensive overview of your secured environment, which can be shared to show the value provided by the solution over a specific time period.

WithSecure Cloud Protection for Salesforce gives you more than just antivirus software. The solution integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and requires no middleware.

  • File Protection - The solution provides advanced file protection in Salesforce. It protects them from malware, ransomware, exploits, and other threats. Automatically scans uploaded and downloaded files with minimal impact on user performance and convenience.
  • URL Protection - The solution analyzes and blocks access to malicious URLs before they can threaten your network. The analysis is performed with zero latency and requires very few resources.
  • Threat Control - Using real-time threat information gathered from tens of millions of sensors, we can identify emerging threats and new threats within minutes of their inception, providing exceptional protection against ever-evolving threats.
  • Advanced Antivirus - Technologies use behavioral analysis and multiple layers of security to detect exploits and unknown malware that are used in targeted attacks.
  • Once a high-risk file is found, it is subjected to deeper analysis using Smart Cloud Sandboxing technology that blocks zero-day malware and advanced threats without unnecessary delay.
  • Dynamic Analytics and Reporting - Dynamic Analytics and Reporting provides a comprehensive overview of the security of Salesforce content and gives you the ability to track your security strategy in action. Rich reporting, advanced security analyzes and full audit trails help system administrators respond to threats and attacks from unknown sources.
  • Alerts - You can automate security incident reports with email alerts sent to administrators and the security department.
  • Quick and Easy Installation - Installation from Salesforce AppExchange only takes a few minutes. You don't need to install any software on end-user devices, implement proxy servers or make any changes to MX.
  • The application supports both Salesforce Classical and Lightning Experience User Interface.
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